Investment Opportunity for Low-Income Real Estate Development in Accra, Ghana

CRICO DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Seeking Financial Collaborative Partners for Low and Middle-Income Real Estate Development in Accra, Ghana


Crico Development Limited is a real estate development and construction services company in Ghana. Our mission is to provide quality housing solutions at affordable prices to both local residents and members of the Diaspora.

We are thrilled to present an exciting investment opportunity focused on low and middle-income real estate development in Accra, the capital of Ghana. We are inviting individuals and entities to collaborate with us on our innovative affordable residential projects in Accra.

Our Team

Our team comprises seasoned professionals in real estate, construction, project management, and market research. With our collective expertise, we deliver efficient and cost-effective residential developments tailored to meet the needs of our target demographic. Notably, the landowner for our projects is an integral member of our team, ensuring seamless coordination and execution.

The Business Concept

Our approach involves identifying competitively priced serviced land with convenient access to the city center, where we develop residential projects featuring optimally designed housing units. Through value management and value engineering, we create affordable and decent housing solutions, strategically marketed to sell out within one year of construction commencement.

Overview of Projects

Our projects consist of 2-bedroom to 4-bedroom houses with parking and landscaping, catering to low-income families of 3 to 6 members. These houses are organized into secure mini-communities and adhere to local building regulations and sustainability standards. Our prices start at just USD 46,000 for a 2-bedroom house and USD 60,000 for a 3-bedroom house.

The Location

Our developments are slated to be situated within an established residential estate near Oyibi, on the outskirts of Accra, approximately 29 km from the Accra Mall. With ongoing upgrades to road infrastructure for the Accra – Dodowa corridor, commuting time to the central business district is expected to reduce, enhancing the attractiveness of the location.

Market Overview

Accra is experiencing rapid urbanization, leading to a significant housing demand among low and middle-income earners. However, the low and middle-income segments are poorly served in terms of supply. Our projects are strategically designed to cater to this underserved niche, with a projected sale of 20 units in the first year and up to 100 units by the fifth year.

Investment Opportunity

Our units are currently available for sale on an off-plan basis, with demand indicating a preference for completed units. As such, we are seeking investment partners to collaborate with us in developing mini gated communities, offering options for both full and partial investment. Our scalable business model allows for expansion and replication of successful models around Accra.

Social Impact

Investing in low-income housing not only offers financial returns but also contributes to social development by improving living standards and fostering community growth.

Investment Structure

We offer tailored investment structures, including equity participation, debt financing, or joint ventures, to meet the preferences of our partners. Funds raised will cover land acquisition, construction, infrastructure development, project management, and marketing expenses. To collaborative partners, we project a return on Investment (ROI) of 10% to 14% (usd), subject to negotiation.

Risk-Free Investment

We offer legal ownership of the projects to our collaborators, ensuring confidence and virtually risk-free collaboration.

Further Details and Negotiation

Interested partners are encouraged to engage with us to discuss further details and negotiate terms. We welcome requests for additional information and are open to customization based on mutual interests.

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Contact us today to explore this exciting investment opportunity and be part of our mission to provide affordable housing solutions in Accra, Ghana.

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From $46,000. $4,140 deposit and $3,105 monthly (12 months completion)

From $49,500. $4,455 deposit and $3,341 monthly (12 months completion)

From $54,000. $4,860 deposit and $3,645 monthly (12 months completion)

From $68,500. $6,165 deposit and $4,624 monthly (12 months completion)

From $97,000. $8,730 deposit and $6,548 monthly (12 months completion)